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Smog Inspection Station

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Smog Inspection Station

The smog check in Rancho Bernardo is a necessary and required maintenance service that responsible drivers have completed biennially. We don’t write the laws, California does. But getting a smog check isn’t all that bad. Your friends at RB Smog make the emission check beneficial to you and to our environment. In addition to passing state law requirements, your automobile will operate better after the emissions test if problems need fixed.

As a vehicle owner

Often, when an automobile emits an abundance of harmful emissions, that means it isn’t running correctly. We find out what the problem is with your car and fix it. If your vehicle doesn’t need fixed and is in good shape, we send you on your way with the forms that allow you to drive around legally.

California appreciates

clean air and so do the guys at RB Smog. When we check your emissions we get to use our technologically advanced systems. We are able to hook these systems up to your exhaust and discover the amount and kind of pollutants emitted by your car. If you don’t own a vehicle that’s hybrid, electric, natural gas-powered or manufactured in 1975 or before, we want to see you every two years! Keep your automobile legal and protect California’s crisp air with the smog check at RB Smog in Rancho Bernardo.

Emission repairs

When your vehicle fails, we will promptly correct it.
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