Secors automotive is independent full-service Honda San Diego service and repair garage that provides clients with exceptional auto repair, maintenance and smog test services.


Independent service and repair garage


Honda Service and Repair

Secors welcomes all Hondas in for repair. Even though Honda is one of the most reliable manufacturers, problems do arise once in a while. Brakes wear, spark plugs go, parts corrode and oil loses its viscosity. At Rancho Bernardo Secors our team specializes in minor and major repairs. Whether you need a simple fluid change or a full repair, we’re always ready to dedicate ourselves completely to Honda repairs in San Diego communities. When an Accord, Civic, Fit, Pilot, or any other kind of Honda comes into our shop, we become confident in our ability to fix quickly and correctly. 

We’ve been working on Hondas for decades and are always keeping up with internal and external changes made in all Honda models. There is no automotive repair shop in the local area that can match our qualifications and customer satisfaction. Our team of mechanics are as professional as they are personal. They are skilled with their hands and at explaining complex automotive problems in layman terms. This way you know about everything that’s happening in the shop with your vehicle. After you visit Secors Automotive with your Honda, you’ll decide on making us your one-stop shop for anything Honda.